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Not necessarily. Many roof leaks can be addressed and repaired without a full roof replacement. However, if you are experiencing multiple leaks throughout your roof, a replacement might be required.

Yes. We recommend addressing this issue immediately, as ice dams can cause major damage to your home. Click here for more information.

Many leaks can be difficult to trace without the help of an experienced professional. Call and schedule an appointment with one of our seasoned estimators who can help to identify where the leak is originating and what the best solution is for your roof.

Yes, you should have your roof inspected right away if you find any roofing materials in your yard. Missing roofing material can leave your roof exposed to the elements. If the roof is not repaired or replaced, your home could be vulnerable to interior leaks and severe damage.

Our estimator will consider your roof type, pitch and areas of concern prior to recommending the best snow retention solution for your home.

Please contact us for an attic insulation inspection, so that we can determine the R-value of your insulation. R-value is your attic’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation will be at keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Even if you currently have SOME insulation, your home may require MORE in order to maximize your energy savings.

We do not remove or trap roof pests, however, we can help with repairing areas of the roof that have been damaged by critters once they have been removed by a pest control company. We can also install various critter control systems.

Frequency of gutter cleaning depends on the number of trees that surround your home. We recommend having your gutters cleaned once or twice a year. Our gutter cleanings include the removal of debris from your gutters and an inspection for debris in your downspout draining system. We also inspect all fasteners to ensure that none are missing from your gutter system.

This link leads to files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.