Roof certifications are generally requested during real estate transactions. Buyers may request that the roof of the property they are purchasing is certified. A roof certification is a statement of opinion by a licensed roofing contractor who considers the roof’s life expectancy. A roof certification guarantees the condition of the roofing system and the roofing materials (underlayment, flashing, and material type). At Academy Roofing we offer 2 and 5-year roof certifications. In order to qualify for certification, the roof must have been installed by Academy Roofing and an inspection of the roof is required.

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A thorough roof inspection is carried out to assess the rooftop’s current condition and uncover any deficiencies. If maintenance is needed, an estimate for repairs will be provided. If the roof does not require repairs, we will then determine the remaining 2 or 5 years of life for the roof and certify its inspection. In the event that any roof repairs are needed, they must be satisfied before a certification can be issued.

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