Academy Roofing provides steep and low slope roofing systems for residential and commercial projects in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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Residential Roofing

You work hard to maintain your home. You spend time and money making it a place where you can relax, enjoy life with family and friends, or just get away from the hustle of everyday life. And when something goes wrong – like a residential roofing problem – you want the best possible solution as soon as possible.

But if you’ve been in Castle Rock long enough, you know how difficult it can be to find a company that will do the job right every time.

Academy Roofing is here for YOU! We have been providing residential roofing solutions in Castle Rock for more than 30 years and we guarantee your satisfaction when you choose Academy Roofing to solve your next residential roofing project.


Roof Repairs
Gutter Cleaning
Hail Damage
Snow Retention



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Commercial Roofing

Academy Roofing offers commercial roofing applications on both new construction and replacement projects.

From apartment buildings and townhomes to office buildings and shopping centers, we are the experts for all the latest in low slope roofing technology.

Our expertly trained professionals stick to the latest industry standards while using only the safest and highest quality materials. They take pride in their work, giving your building the proper attention it needs for a roof replacement. We can handle even the most complicated projects with solutions that are built to last.

We have over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry and we’ve never been more excited about what the future holds. If you need a new commercial roof or if your existing one needs to be replaced, contact us today. Let our team of experts help you find an option that best suits your business needs!


Metal Wall Planes
Rooftop Paver Systems

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